September and My First HP Read

Hi friends!!

Can you believe its already September?! I think September is one of my favorite months of the year. For me, it signifies the start of fall, which also means its time for some of my favorite activities ever. In the last 4 days, I have had 3 pumpkin spice chai tea lattes. If you haven’t already try one you totally should! Its even more fall-y than regular pumpkin spice and wraps you up in such a warm embrace when you read your book – I think that this is literally my all time favorite drink. I also got a chance to go to the fair. If you live in the Washington area (can’t speak for the rest of the PNW), the fair means the last time you and your friends have a summer hangout before school starts, and fall begins. I read somewhere that someone, upon their first time going to the fair, drew

super dog hot dog food stall in front of ferris wheel during nighttime
Photo by Amanda Cottrell on Pexels.com

themselves this conclusion; the point of the fair is to eat for 7 hours straight. For me, I also enjoy the rides and the animals, but most of all the food is the best – nothing but junk including elephant ears, cotton candy, funnel cakes, corn on the cob, and shaved ice. I know I gained weight but hey, school starts soon, so I’ll start walking that off while sipping on my PSLs.

September also means that the air gets colder and I can wear my cozy scarves and cardigans and curl up with a good book under a blanket (also while sipping a PSL). To kick off this September, I read a fan favorite of many many of my bookstagram buddies. I didn’t have access to my books since I was away for a week, and had gone on to Libby (THE BEST APP ever for library patrons) and had no idea what to read when I saw that it was Harry Potter’s 20th birthday. Many of my bookish friends all had previously said that HP was their absolute favorite thing to read during the fall, so I though why not, and loaned out Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

Since most of you have already read and loved Harry Potter, I figured I would create a little list of my impressions and opinions that I would ask myself and friends, to which you can also answer down below. And suffice to say HP definitely has 5 stars from me, and I can not wait to start the next book in the series.

Which house would you be sorted into? I think that after reading the first book, I could see myself as a Ravenclaw. I don’t mind being unique, and I’d like to think that I value intelligence and wit. So I took a quiz on the official potter more website, and guess what- I am a Ravenclaw!!! This makes me a little bit sad, because my favorite characters are Gryffindor, and of course Hufflepuff sounds fun. And honestly, I think Slytherins get a bad rap, but I am proud to be a Ravenclaw- I think it really embodies my ideals.

Which Quidditch position would you play? I think I would not make a good Seeker at all, but I think I would be an okay Keeper. I am a little bit clumsy so chasing balls while simultaneously being pelted doesn’t seem like a good combination for me. I’d much rather just guard the three goals.

Crushes? As of right now, I am not sure I really have a crush on anyone. I think maybe if I was a little bit younger of a reader and could think like a first year, I might have a crush on Fred and George since their shenanigans are the kind of thing I like when I was younger. But Ill have to wait and see if anyone grows on me in such a way.

Those are the first couple questions I have heard often, but never been able to participate in, but I would love to answer more, or hear about your opinions. Shoot me a message, or comment and lets have some Harry Potter fun. Also PLEASE no spoilers for the next couple books.


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      1. Trust me when I say. Save up for the private tour. Especially if it’s a one time thing. My hubby got us the private tour and it was EVERYTHING!! They treat you like royalty! It was worth every penny!

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