Let’s Talk About DNFing

Im a book blogger, right? (Or at least trying to be, I don’t know if I am being very successful at it). So what does book blogging entail? I read a book, maybe in two hours – maybe in two weeks. I read, I rant, I take notes, or don’t. And after a gruesome book hangover, I finally go on my laptop and type up what it is about the book that made me unable to put it down. Except that sometimes it’s not that I don’t want to put a book down, sometimes I don’t want to pick it up.

So what do you do when you have a book that you just can’t stand? And I’m not talking about the books you buy yourself, but the books that publishers send to you. I recently had this issue – the author of the book sent me a copy (yes, it was an indie) and I just did NOT like it. There were tones of misogyny, and the timeline/plot was completely unrealistic. Anyone who follows me knows that one of my biggest page peeves is when the romance in a story progresses unrealistically. Basically, while I appreciated the author sending me his novel, this book just wasn’t for me… BUT I need a review… I trudged through the book and unfortunately had to give it a 1 star rating. I feel horrible about being honest but I also don’t want to recommend a book that I hated.

Maybe Im the only one with this problem but for some reason, that doesn’t strike me as the case. And if I am not, it begs the question, what do the rest of you do when you feel obliged to review a book that just does not sit right with you? Do you DNF, and if so, how does that translate into a review? Tell me please because I really really don’t want to hate reading during the course of another read!

Also, my June wrap up, and July TBR will be coming soon! Stay tuned!!

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