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Review: Street Freaks – Terry Brooks

Alright y'all, who's surprised that I read yet another sci-fi dystopian novel? Not me! For some reason I always get drawn to the novels about our broken future in which technology is crazy cool and the people are flawed. Luckily for me, Street Freaks by Terry  Brooks had just that. It begins with a dire call—right before… Continue reading Review: Street Freaks – Terry Brooks

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Review: Consumed – J. R. Ward

Well, friends, I finally finished another ARC that's been sitting for bit now, that I was somewhat dreading. I'm exhausted from the crazy couple days I had, but its invigorating to be finished with one book and on the verge of starting another. Maybe its just me, but I always feel like finishing a book… Continue reading Review: Consumed – J. R. Ward

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Review: Gone So Long – Andre Dubus III

Whelp, guys, its that last stretch of break for me. The calm before the storm. In a couple weeks, school will start up in full swing again, and I know that I will be super busy, so right now, I am trying to read and review as many books as possible. Hopefully, I can get… Continue reading Review: Gone So Long – Andre Dubus III

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Review: When Life Gives You Lululemons – Lauren Weisberger

Woot woot woot, guys, you should all be super proud of me! I finally finished reading a book on my TBR that has been there for like ever (since I started bookstagramming pretty much). While my opinion on this book may not be as high as most of Bookstagram's, it does carry a lot of… Continue reading Review: When Life Gives You Lululemons – Lauren Weisberger